Another review of “Social Interaction and L2 Classroom Discourse”

A review of “Social Interaction and L2 Classroom Discourse” has been published in the New Zealand Studies in Applied Linguistics

“Several texts on Applied Linguistics take a highly theoretical approach to their subject matter, which may leave the classroom practitioner feeling that the issues discussed have little relevance to, or use for the classroom. However, by providing detailed transcripts of classroom interaction, along with visual data to support the transcripts, Sert has produced a monograph that focuses on the application of theory derived from research to the real-world L2 classroom. He has produced a text that is accessible to teachers with little knowledge of Conversation Analysis who wish to develop better interaction with learners. This is a book written with teachers in mind, and it would be a highly useful guide for instructors wishing to have interaction with learners that is informed by pedagogical goals, rather than the notion that any language produced by teachers is effective in promoting learner output”.

(Shane Donald, Feng Chia University)

To read the full review, click on this link